No Boxes Required – Simple & Beautiful Gift Wrapping for T-Shirts and More!

Do you think a box is absolutely necessary in order to wrap gifts beautifully?

Luckily, the answer is no- there are many ways to wrap gifts without boxes and still create amazing presentations. In my new video, you will learn how to create (in just a few minutes!) an elegant pleating design gift wrapping for a T-shirt without using a box. You can also use the same technique to warp gifts such as scarves, frames, books, etc.

Here is the video, enjoy!



• Wrapping Paper
• Ribbon

• Scissors
• Clear Tape
• Double Sided Tape

* Size of the cardboard used in the video: 7″ x 9″ (18cm x 23cm)

Wrapping Paper: Embossed Washi Paper from Shimojima Japan (
Double Sided Tape (HEIKO Acid Free 10mm width)
Purchase all the materials in Hawaii: Celebrations Store


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