Cherry Blossom Gift Bag for Mother’s Day

What images do you think of for Mother’s Day?

The first thing that comes to my mind is flowers….many different flowers. Carnations are considered the official flower of Mother’s Day since they were the favorite flower of Ann Jarvis, the mother of Anna Jarvis, who started Mother’s Day in the United States.

To me any flower is perfect for this special day and I personally feel any Mother’s Day gift wrapping can be improved simply by adding them…as you can see from my previous gift wrapping videos for this holiday!

This year, I decided to use a Cherry Blossom, one of the most popular images of spring, to create a dramatic Mother’s Day gift bag. This particular design is about 7″ x 12″ (18cm x 30cm) but you can easily adjust to the size of your gift.

May your Mother’s Day be happy and memorable!

Mother's Day Video
Here is my Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping playlist for more ideas!
 Mother's Gift Wrapping Video Playlist

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