Pleated Pocket Gift Wrapping

How do you include a card or letter with your gift wrapped package?

Many of my individual clients provide envelopes with message cards inside to go along with their gifts.

These envelopes are often fairly large sizes like 4″x 6″ or 5″ x 7″ and many times would cover the design work on the front of the package. Even so, some clients would still prefer the card to be placed in the front – why? Because their message and the reason for giving the gift is still important to them. They want to make sure the receiver knows the story behind the gift.
Consulting and working with a professional to wrap a gift already involves a lot of thought and caring. Together we select papers and ribbons, have some discussion, form some ideas and then create a beautifully gift wrapped package for a lucky receiver. If a client would like a card on front I do my best to incorporate the envelope into the style of the package.
This design was created in an effort to keep these clients’ requests and the stylistic presentation of the package at the same time.
The front package can be adjusted to any size you like so that any size envelope can fit.
I’ve been wanting to share this design with a video for a long time and hope that you may find this fun and useful!

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