Video Tutorial: How to Wrap Oddly Shaped Gifts

How do you wrap an oddly shaped gift?

Do you put it in a box then gift wrap? Or place it in a store bought gift bag? Or just forget about wrapping and give it as is?

Sometimes, designing a package that intentionally shows the gift can be playful and more interesting. Many of the Japanese traditional gift wrapping designs from the Muromachi Period (around 1336-1573) actually used the gift itself as a part of the design and created folds based on the shapes of the particular gift. For example, “Hana Tsutsumi” is one of the popular gift wrapping styles still used today and its folding design is perfect to show the beautiful shape of a single flower.

Sample of Hana Tsutsumi Design


Because oddly shaped gifts come in various shapes and sizes, you can adjust the size of your final package by changing the size of the square paper and the strip. It’s also fun to improvise the top design, changing the style of your ribbon, adding tags and ornaments, etc.

Bottles with Organza Ribbon
Stuffed Animal with Satin Ribbon & a Tag
Flower & Plant Pot with Organza Ribbon



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