Valentine Paper Flower with Heart Shaped Petals

I found a roll of cute flower gift wrap with a rose-red polka dot pattern the other day. Many flower wraps available in the U.S. are made in synthetic materials, either mesh or thin tissue or fabric like paper. Despite the delicate appearance, they are durable, flexible and good for various craft projects.

Flower Wrap.jpg


This lovely polka dot paper seemed perfect for Valentine’s Day. So as I was designing a gift wrapping idea for a new video, I thought let’s use this paper to create a paper flower with heart petals!

The paper flower consists of 16 heart-shaped petals (8 large petals and 8 small petals) with a cute tiny heart in the center. This gift wrapping package has a lot of heart!

You bought a perfect Valentine’s gift, why not add this heartfelt gift wrapping project? This might be a perfect way to show your appreciation to the people you love.

Materials & Tools:

  • Gift Wrap Paper (for wrapping a box)
  • Flower Gift Wrap (Rose Red Dots from Celebrations or Thin Tissue or Fabric Like Paper (for creating heart petals and a belt)
  • Cardstock (for creating a center heart)
  • Scissors
  • Double Stick Tape (HEIKO Acid Free 7/16″ width #30013283)
  • (Optional) Heart Shaped Hole Punch

Size of the Box Used in the Video: 7″ (height) x 7″ (width) x 1.25″ (depth) [18cm x 18cm x 3cm)

Size of the Belt: 1.5″ (width) x 18″ (length) [4cm x 46cm]

Size of the Strip (for large petals): 5″ (width) x 25″ (length) [13cm x 65cm]

Size of the Strip (for small petals): 3″ (width) x 25″ (length) [8cm x 65cm]

Note: For better results, adjust the size of the belt & strips to the size of your box.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ronniesreflections says:

    Too cute! I can see this design for Spring also. Love it! I’m also loving your new blog layout!

    1. Thank you Ronnie! That’s right – this design can also be perfect for Mother’s Day, anniversary, birthday, etc!

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