How to make paper napkin flowers (Lotus flowers)

I like to share my newest tutorial video, “how to make paper napkin flowers.”

I often create this lotus flower while waiting for my food at the restaurant (excuse my dining etiquette…), at the party and to entertain kids (most of the time, they think I’m teaching them a magic trick).

Using just a paper napkin and a cup, you can create this cute lotus flower less than two minutes! Here is how to: (Don’t forget to share the link if you like the tutorial :))

For those who want to make the flowers float on water, you can use colored cellophane wrap. Cut the cellophane in 13″ square and follow the same steps. Folding a cellophane sheet is a bit harder than folding a paper napkin. And make sure you use battery operated tea light candles if you like to use them as candle holders ;)

    Lotus flower made with cellophane

The video above has been shot with the Samsung HMX-F80,
which was provided by Samsung Electronics. Co., Ltd.

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  1. sunshinemac says:

    Thank you so much for the share. At first I thought it difficult but after watching your video I was stunned at how simple it was. I made one for my hubby as a demo in no time. Indeed 2min to make. Lovely idea which I will use for my sons birthday party coming up.

    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed making a lotus flower! Happy birthday to your son and hope you’ll have fun creating the flowers for his party!

  2. Jeanette says:

    Thanks so much for the share…I really enjoyed it and I’m going to start doing some of your crafty works please send me some ideas to my email.

    1. I’m glad that this post inspired you to start your own craft works! I’ll continue to upload more craft videos so please come back to checkout.

  3. .Michelle Stamper says:

    What a wicked idea, thankyou so much

  4. I can’t believe how easy these were to make with the video as a guide! thank you so much – they are going to look great on the party table.

    1. Instructions are much easier to follow with a video. Have a wonderful party!

  5. izzi410Lis says:


  6. Thank you for this wonderful idea. My grand daughter will be graduating soon and this would make an excellent party favor.

  7. Elaine says:

    I’ve just made one, using the video…it was good to break it down in small chunks and they came out brilliantly. Thank You so very much.

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